How To Write Project For Final Year Student?

Final Year Project

So, here goes the 6 steps to writing an excellent final year project by your own effort:-

  1. CHOOSE a topic in an area you are comfortable it has to be a topic that intrigues you, one that the inherent challenges will only excite your determination to solve them.

  2. READ past projects on your chosen topic –The whole idea is to get clarity and perspective, you will discover their strengths, weaknesses and failures concerning that topic and you would also discover the best direction to take on your own project, leveraging on their past mistakes to make yours the best.

  3. COMPILE content analysis/research before approval – It is possible that you’re wondering know that supervisors have to approve topics first? I assure you, I do, but it will be easy for you if all your topics have similar backgrounds so that no matter the choice of topic approved, your initial research would not have been in vain.

  4. INTERNET is your most useful friend – The physical libraries at some schools are hardly updated with the latest research materials, Apply Google well and you’ll be amazed. Some hard copy books you stress about are available online (for sale and free).

  5. ELECTRONIC devices are also your friends – For those that have laptops and fairly large phones, you can type out directly instead of the stress of writing on paper and then typing later on. For the high tech users, you could use your mobile phone to type on cloud documents on Google Docs, that is if you own a Google account, if you don’t, it’s quite easy to create one. And then there is the android app called Google ‘Goggles’ were you can hand write on your phone and it transcribes it to text.

  6. REASONABLY choose your population location/research methodology – You cannot choose your population location in another state different from your school, unless you love travelling and you have loads of money to expend. Let your population location be in the same town for easy access. And let your research methodology be carefully chosen to align with your topic of research, no need for cumber some research methods when you have a simple topic.
    • Choose Your Topic Wisely
    • Choose the Right Project Guide
    • Plan Your Project Well
    • Read the Existing Research Papers
    • Publish a Research Paper
    • Implement and Test your Project
    • Presentation

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