Best Projects For Electronics And Communication Engineering

Final Year Project

Projects are

  • Convolutional Neural Network Ased Working Model Of Self Driving Car - A Study
  • Monitoring Of Highway Wind Power Parameter Through Iot And Automatic Controlling Highway Light
  • 3-Survivor: A Rough Terrain Negotiable Search And Surveillance Mobile Robot With Real-Time Object Detection
  • Design Of Iot Based Multifunctional Camouflage Military Robot
  • Hawk-Eye: An Ai-Powered Threat Detector For Intelligent Surveillance Cameras
  • Lorawan Internet Of Things Network Planning For Smart Metering Services In Dense Urban Scenario
  • Infant Care Assistant Using Machine Learning,Audio Processing, Image Processing And Iotsensor Network
  • An Ultra-Violet Sterilization Robot For Disinfection
  • Airport Biocryptic Embarkation System
  • Design Of An Iot-Based Mountaineering Team Management Device Using Kalman Filter Algorithm

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